Glee TV series

In "James Dean," the actor and singer showers and snuggles with "Pose" star Johnny Sibilly.
With "Help Me Now," the actor beloved by fans as Artie Abrams aims for a "bootleg kinda gay Wes Anderson vibe."
"We're so happy to spend the rest of our lives together," the couple said.
The "American Crime Story" star has been on a personal and professional roll lately.
The "Glee" alum has played several gay characters over the course of his career.
The "Glee" creator said his 4-year-old son Ford is now doing well, thanks to Children's Hospital Los Angeles.
The "Glee" star credits "American Crime Story" for the newfound courage.
The “Glee” star said “people knew” he was gay before his viral Ariana Grande tweet.
He's rumored to be dating "When We Rise" co-star Austin McKenzie.
They were spotted holding hands and looking very much like a couple.