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Johnny Wheatcroft, who has accused the officers of using a stun gun on his testicles, is suing them for using “excessive … force and torture."
The judge said the case is "one of the most disgusting scenarios" he's ever read.
A few minutes can make quite the difference on Dec. 31.
“Never give up on yourself. Forgiveness of ourselves is essential in our recovery process."
But at least the city (probably) didn't lose as much as the last time it hosted.
Taylor Swift recently gave one powerful performance that is bound to move anyone who witnesses it.  The singer wrote the
A city spokesperson told ABC15 that Glendale ordinances prohibit leaving furniture or appliances in public view. Since the
Just as Glendale isn't the only struggling municipality, the Phoenix Coyotes aren’t the only NHL team currently facing financial
"Our agency's hope is that we are successful in finding Jhessye's remains, allowing her a proper internment, and ultimately
The teenager was removed from the home by authorities after Shockley went missing. Police said they do not expect to find
GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Boise State reached into its bag of tricks again and stunned Texas Christian in a Fiesta Bowl duel of