Glenn Ford

It is Academy Awards time Sunday night, so naturally my non-Trump thoughts are focused on the silver screen. This year’s
Take, for instance, the case of Glenn Ford, sentenced to death in Louisiana for killing a watchmaker. Four people were suspected
Prosecutors have the power to prevent almost all wrongful convictions by seeking the truth, not just a conviction. If the pursuit of justice were the only goal, innocent men and women would not find themselves collateral casualties.
ESSA retains the expectation that schools should help all groups of students, but l worry that some educators might think the flexibility about methods gives them permission to settle back into old patterns of assuming that it's okay if some kids will "get it" and some kids won't.
Many times, public perception perches a white hat firmly atop the heads of prosecutors while painting defense attorneys as black-hatted villains.
"I think the death penalty itself should be killed. The whole system is fatally flawed."
Ford was convicted in 1984 of murdering Rozeman, a 56-year-old Shreveport jeweler and watchmaker. After "credible evidence
Ford, a 64-year-old black man, was convicted by an all-white jury for the robbery and murder of Isadore Rozeman -- a 56-year
Caddo Parish Assistant District Attorney Catherine Estopinal declined on Tuesday to elaborate on what she termed "a recent
A restored print of the soul-throttling film-noir, which concerns an outlaw couple who bond over their mutual affection for artillery, provided a jangling opening night choice for UCLA Festival of Preservation 2013.