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Florida theme park takes interactive to a sparkly new level.
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Ash Wednesday 2017 was not the first time that glitter has been used to show solidarity.
For Teen Vogue, by Sarah Wu. Every once in awhile, an earth-shattering revelation comes along that makes us realize we know
A snow globe or glitter jar is one of the most powerful visual metaphors for that connection; it illustrates how mindfulness -- the cultivation of stillness in the face of swirling chaos of life -- affects us. In this practice, you can actually make a glitter jar.
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(Photo: Lauren Fleishman) 2. Use brushes. If you dab on glitter with your hand, there's a chance it'll get messier than Mariah
Drag queens flaunt it. Fairies sprinkle it. Little girls adore it. You couldn't have survived the '90s club scene without it. It's called glitter and it's got a history just like anything else.
The phenomenon is out there. You may as well be educated on it.
The trending style statement is the latest in a string of sparkly social media trends.
Samantha Lockhart was found guilty of vandalism.
From macrame plant hangers to friendship pins to Rainbow Loom, it's a time-honored tradition for moms to craft with children. It's also a time-honored tradition for moms to channel their psychological issues when they craft with children. Here are five types of moms who like to express themselves with decoupage and yarn.
We found the best, most sophisticated ways you can use gold glitter to elevate your wedding decor... and we've got the real weddings to prove it.
Over the last few weeks, abortion activists have sent several glitter bomb letters to LifeNews, some with threatening messages
People must really despise me. Yesterday I went to my P.O. Box and opened 144 envelopes and gasped to find them graced with gobs of glamorous, glinting Glitter.
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In fact, the off-color card game Cards Against Humanity made kind of a big stink late last year after it truthfully pledged
Life is not fair. Fear is cheap. Our dreams are what keep us going through the cruelty, darkness and soft bigotry of lowered expectations that is, unfortunately, all too much a part of our daily lives.