glitter bomb

Glitter fart bomb inventor Mark Rober hopes the fact that some scenes in the viral video were staged doesn't "taint the entire effort as 'fake.'"
Mark Rober's ingenious device unwraps a whole lot of humiliation on crooks in a viral video.
Drag queens flaunt it. Fairies sprinkle it. Little girls adore it. You couldn't have survived the '90s club scene without it. It's called glitter and it's got a history just like anything else.
"My dad always reads my mail so I decided to teach him a lesson by sending a glitter bomb to myself from," wrote
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What do you think? Let us know by voting and/or leaving a comment. First unleashed when Nick Espinosa, a member of the activist
From time to time during the campaign season, the candidates vying for the GOP nomination have been set upon by marriage
Paul was showered with sparkles as he left the stage following a rally at the Minneapolis convention center, according to
It isn't clear whether Santorum himself was hit with glitter, but BuzzFeed reports that at least one member of the Duggar
When asked by conservative Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson about the glitter-bombing on Tuesday, Santorum said he felt "sorry