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Natural disasters cost the global economy more than 300 billion dollars in 2017, nearly double the cost of the year before.
The average startups fail at least five to seven times before it becomes a success. When startups work with large corporations
A global movement at the level of the spirit --dedicated to the values that uplift the human world -- can provide fuel to
These statistics show that the 50+ woman takes her civic responsibility very seriously, that much is clear; but do they tell
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Mekinda Mekinda Jr. and Marie-Louise Ocran. Photo: Mamadou Dabo. U.N. Ambassador of Timor-Leste Maria Helena Lopes de Jesus
As the Rio 2016 and the Games of the XXXI Olympiad come to an end, Twitter has become a major platform for how sporting events, governing bodies and associations, and professional athletes engage and enhance the experience of such spectacles.
It's really interesting, an organization that grew 100 years ago to protect the US toy industry around the end of World War
For more information on Amway and Ideagen, visit: George Sifakis: That's right and we absolutely agree with that. In fact
During Cannes Lions this past June, I spent some time with Deirdre McGlashan, Global Chief Digital Officer at MediaCom. Deirdre
ONLINE SHOP → Layla & Co, a family business selling high-end jewellery reaching new markets The Power of Reciprocity Re-Give
Providing accessible ICT products and services also benefits the growing population affected by age-related impairments, in
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Dear Feet That Have Touched My Face: You have not witnessed the horrors I have witnessed. You have not felt the pain I have felt. You have not heard the cries I have heard.
Over the past several years, SXSW Interactive has built up an increasingly-international flavor. Global startups and foreign
With more than 50 million people displaced by conflict and violence throughout the world, universal collective responses aimed at dealing with the main causes of insecurity and violence should be the international communities' priority.
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It's a simple, honest logic that, increasingly, is the one that is being adopted by soft power networks the world over. Trident is a gateway issue for a new transnational politics that, if fostered, will give us the security we yearn for.
Estonians take the pressure out of Valentine's Day, making it all about friendship and platonic love! More From LittleThings
As a leader once said to me: "a diversity-based army led by an artful leader has more chance of navigating turbulent situations
As consumers become more knowledgeable about what other consumers are experiencing, the demands for excellent customer service increase. The vast majority of consumers say they will walk out of a store if they receive inadequate assistance from employees. Nowhere is this more impactful than in the luxury market.
Of course, nations develop economically, environmentally, and socially in different ways and at different paces. To some