global aid

As the Week pointed out last year, Americans tend to wildly overestimate how much of their taxes are spent on foreign aid
"If there's a tool that allows us to engage the public in a way that's productive and authentic," he added, "we're going
There is a spiritual dimension to the development agenda. It's inside each and every one of us, motivating us for action. And it is alive in churches, temples, mosques and in all sorts of other human groups and networks around the world, way beyond religion -- at the individual level, the community level and the institutional and global levels. Negotiators will come to agreement on the what and the how, hopefully. The why comes from deep inside us, often inspired by our various ancient as well as newer faith and thought traditions.
Corporate sponsors include U.S. financial services company Western Union, British bank Barclays, Italian fashion house Gucci
We have five more years to make good on the specific Millennium Declaration promise, but we have a lifetime to care for our fellow citizens of the world. Watch, connect, spread the information, and speak up.
The Gateses are visiting our nation's capital to reframe the conversation about global health aid. They said we should spend more time talking about what works and how to measure it.
President Obama and the new Congress can place American foreign policy firmly on the side of free speech, of women's health, and of doctors and care providers, and we can do it quickly, simply, cleanly, without a penny of cost to the taxpayers.