Images of black-clad ISIS fighters brandishing weapons from atop tanks are easy to recognize, but the link between Syria's drought and its current conflict seems generally unknown or forgotten.
Those of us in the academy should be asking ourselves what more can we do to confront one of the most urgent and consequential challenges facing our civilization.
Are we really still having these conversations? Surely it is time for all nations to commit to concerted action to combat climate change -- our world depends on it.
We would have to park every single car in America for a full year to make up for the carbon pollution the tar sands pipeline would dump into our atmosphere. Everybody in favor, raise your hand.
The U.S. has been a laggard in climate policy and a spoiler in international climate diplomacy for too long. It is high time it joins Europe to lead the world together.
Tackling dangerous climate change is a complex task, but in the UK we are determined to rise to the challenge, working together with all Parties at the UN towards our shared goal of limiting temperature rise to 2 degrees, and preventing the worst effects of climate change.
The challenge of growing more food can be met only if sustainability is the foundation of approaches to food security and poverty reduction in every country and every community.
The well-timed news is out: the 2000-2009 decade is likely to become the warmest since records began in 1850. Our special issue of Ode Magazine presents breakthrough solutions to delegates in Copenhagen.