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Trump tweeted his ire before the two met to discuss the suspension of a travel program that undocumented immigrants in New York could use.
Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf says New Yorkers will be banned from enrolling in Global Entry in response to the state’s sanctuary law.
The move came after President Trump railed against so-called "sanctuary cities" during his State of the Union address.
No Global Entry needed. How did we never know about this?!
If you actually value miles for redeeming flights, then it might be worth reconsidering.
Those Canadians. Not only do they get decent healthcare but they also get cheaper Global Entry. They get everything. Sure
The lines will likely get even longer next year when current caps on transborder flight frequencies are tossed out.
Last-minute trips can be really fun but they definitely need pre-trip planning. Going with the flow is the most important tip.
USING TSA PRECHECK First, ensure that your boarding pass has the green TSA PreCheck icon. Global Entry and TSA PreCheck participants