global gag rule

She had her moment this week, but that doesn't excuse the role she plays in the Trump White House.
The Global Gag Rule isn't about abortion -- it's about drastically reducing access to contraception.
Trump has banned U.S. funding to nonprofits that provide information about abortion.
To counteract Trump's policy shift, eight countries, including Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Canada, announced on Thursday that they are creating an effort to raise funds to fill the potential deficit.
The story of one family planning clinic in Nairobi shows how President Trump’s decision to cut U.S. funding to any organization
He told us what he would do, and now he's doing it.
One of Donald Trump's first acts as president of the USA was to sign an executive order which prohibits organisations that
We already know what happens when we strip reproductive health funding: more abortions and more women dying.
The actions taken by the Trump Administration on abortion rights, sexuality education, and contraception will provide early signals of the direction in which he intends to take all human rights over the next four years.
By the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO), almost all abortions are unsafe in certain regions, such as Africa or Central and South America. If abortion care were made available with U.S. aid as it is in the U.S., a significant number of women's lives would be saved.