global gag rule

“Making abortion legal isn’t the beginning of women having abortions. It’s the end of women dying from abortions,” said Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.).
Increasing abortion access is about defending people's religious liberty, faith-based abortion rights activists say.
After four years of the most anti-woman president in recent history, repealing the global gag rule is just the start for the Biden administration.
She had her moment this week, but that doesn't excuse the role she plays in the Trump White House.
The Global Gag Rule isn't about abortion -- it's about drastically reducing access to contraception.
Trump has banned U.S. funding to nonprofits that provide information about abortion.
To counteract Trump's policy shift, eight countries, including Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Canada, announced on Thursday that they are creating an effort to raise funds to fill the potential deficit.