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Discover the human voices behind the headlines in the new Huffington Post Original series THE ZAINAB SALBI PROJECT. Zainab Salbi, author, activist, and founder of Women for Women International fearlessly travels the world shedding light on global issues through the incredible personal stories of people who are struggling, surviving and thriving in a sea of conflict. Join Zainab as she explores the uncomfortable questions, shatters stereotypes, and courageously reveals the humanity we all share.
Aspire CEO, Mohammed Ashour, tells us he is stunned to see the benefits of his insect enterprise beyond improving nutrition
The world is a beautiful place, but somehow it seems that humankind's presence here has done more harm than good.
There is no "maybe," however, in that Belgian law enforcement bungled this just enough to give ISIS an edge. When Turkey
Through B Lab, Gilbert and friends also help socially conscious entrepreneurs protect their company's core values amidst
The Brusaws are fundraising to begin large-scale production. Meanwhile, the city of Amsterdam is test-driving a similar technology
Over the past 15 years, Tanzania has made a concerted effort to immunize its children--and has achieved a remarkable vaccination rate of almost 90 per cent. That's still not good enough for the government and health organizations in that country, though. They want to get as close to 100 per cent as possible.
The world is becoming more and more globalized with multiple cultures crossing paths like never before. That trend is not going anywhere, it is on the rise. How we relate with each other and how we raise each other in this globalized world is the question
TripIt, a popular app designed to help you organize your travels, just did a quality job of producing a series of four-minute
The uncomfortable truth is that essentialized conceptualizations that say "Islam = violence" or "Islam = peace" are insensitive to the alterations and negotiations that characterizes lived Islam in interaction with myriad Muslim constituencies and non-Muslim actors.