Even with more than 8,000 miles, an ocean and harsh daily realities dividing them, Felisa and Nyanwour have more in common than you would realize.
Global Motherhood
2013-04-08-globalmompullfinal.jpg Motherhood is a universal bond. We all want our children to be healthy and happy. I was so inspired to see so many mothers here embracing the idea of immunization -- giving their children a shot at life.
2013-04-08-globalmompullfinal.jpg A simple summary of my life is that my parents worked very hard so that I could have a great education, and I took that education and worked very hard to get where I am. I would like my kids' lives to be exactly the same.
2013-04-08-globalmompullfinal.jpg The Global Fund for Women has been a game-changer, a bridge builder and a force for constantly widening the circle of the movement for women's rights.
2013-04-08-globalmompullfinal.jpg After the birth of her second child, Asha and her husband signed up to receive weekly voice and SMS messages from the Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action.
2013-04-08-globalmompullfinal.jpg We recognize the work of mothers worldwide who ensure their families receive the vital and necessary care they need to live full and healthy lives. In turn, the global community should offer the support needed to these women.
2013-04-08-globalmompullfinal.jpg Be present when you're present. In an era of constant distraction and pervasive computing, we must model for our children the behavior we want them to repeat. If we are half present with them, they will be half present with us.
From my own two mothers, I learned that working in an office, a laboratory, or the home has little to do with how good a mother you are -- that comes from the love you share. And yes, putting dinner on the table is a way of expressing that.
In the last few years, we've witnessed seismic shifts in the political, economic and social landscape of the Middle East and North Africa. Through it all, Arab women did what women everywhere do best: They multi-tasked.
A Q&A with SPARK teen activists Julia Bluhm (15) and Izzy Labbe (14) who took on Seventeen magazine over photoshopping model's images and secured a commitment from the magazine to stop.
We invest in women and girls because they pay it forward. When you train, mentor and support a woman, you're reaching her family, her community, and her country.
While moms know that their job is never done, part of this is because they are not only concerned about the wellbeing of their own family, but also of others in their neighborhood and around the world. It is with this sense of community that mothers can join together and create changes for their children and for generations to come.