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The Republican lawmaker tried lauding the former president’s questionable foreign diplomacy skills on CNN.
His comments come a week after anti-immigration candidates won big in Italy.
You can truly act as an ambassador for your country.
The Berggruen Institute is partnering with universities around the world to inspire new ways of thinking about global politics and reward innovative ideas that make a cultural impact. Founder Nicolas Berggruen joins us live.
BEIJING -- U.S. global dominance will gradually weaken and eurocentric standards in international norms will increasingly give way to pluralist standards. The decline of global organizations and the rise of regional ones will take place simultaneously.
GENEVA -- The Security Council must be enlarged, and developing countries should be given greater voting rights in the Bretton Woods institutions: the IMF and the World Bank. In exchange, the world's newest powers must begin to take on a greater share of responsibility for the global order upon which their success depends. They can no longer stand on the sidelines, denouncing the injustices of the past. Instead, they must join their peers in building the future.
How can those of us who feel like global citizens already -- which is not everyone, granted -- begin to act like global citizens?
The dark cloud that is the Ebola epidemic hanging over West Africa, and moving into Europe and the United States, could have a silver lining if global leaders have the wisdom and courage to act.