global witness

NGO Global Witness reveals that around the world, people are murdered and attacked for defending the Earth. Even in America, activists are being silenced.
“We don’t want to see any more bloodshed,” said the child of one slain land defender.
On average, more than three were killed per week, a watchdog group found.
There aren't many organizations, if any, that we would uproot our family for. But this feels like the move I have been seeking for a couple of years now; the right opportunity leading the right organization at the right time in its growth.
With global climate talks set to begin in Peru on December 1, Rengifo called on Peruvian President Ollanta Humala to "treat
U.S. leverage needs to extend to Cambodia's forests and Obama needs to support its defenders more proactively than honoring their deaths.
We don't need anonymous companies. They are the getaway cars for all sorts of criminals and fraudsters who are hurting U.S. interests -- it's time to take away the keys.
Here in the United States, our rights make it easier for environmental organizations like Friends of the Earth and activists
EITI Chairwoman Clare Short said during a December meeting with President Thein Sein, a former military commander, the country