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The FBI wants to hear from the Duke of York over his ties to the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and a related rape allegation.
Their horseback riding excursion comes days after the disgraced Duke of York said he was stepping away "from public duties for the foreseeable future."
The woman, known only as Jane Doe 15, also called on Prince Andrew to "give a statement under oath" to law enforcement.
The hall's Class of 2019 also includes actress Jane Fonda, attorney Gloria Allred and fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg.
Authorities charged the singer and accused serial sexual abuser with two counts of prostitution and solicitation involving a girl under 18 in 2001.
The Me Too movement ushered in a wave of women telling their stories of survival — but now sexual assault victims want the money they are owed.
Gary Dennis, a nursing home worker from Pennsylvania, said he discovered the video while cleaning out an old box at his home.
The comedian allegedly sexually assaulted then-15-year-old Judy Huth during a party at the mansion.
David Marmel has refused to apologize for the comments, which he's claimed were taken out of context.
Bill Cosby could face up to 30 years in prison on three sexual assault charges.