Gloria Estefan

The host noted that Bush “graciously attended this event many times during his administration," indirectly alluding to President Donald Trump's absence.
On the 20th anniversary, here's how all-star women came together for a concert extravaganza filled with as much drama as there was glory.
The singer said Cuban exiles weren't celebrating his death, but the demise of his "destructive ideologies."
An intimate parent-child conversation between Gloria and Emily Estefan.
An intimate parent-child conversation between Gloria and Emily Estefan.
It's 7:00 on an unusually cloudy Miami morning, and 21-year old Emily Estefan is hard at work filming her first music video
"In Cuba, there have been no changes," the singer said.
Gloria Estefan sat down with HuffPost Live to discuss politics between U.S. and Cuba and "ON YOUR FEET! The Musical," the hit Broadway show based on her life.
The artist opened up about the horrific bus accident that changed her life.
Last month, Puerto Rican actor, singer, and artist, Ektor Rivera assumed the role of Emilio Estefan in Gloria Estefan's autobiographical musical, "On Your Feet!" currently playing at Broadway's Marquis Theatre.
The Tony Awards have gone back and forth over the years on whether they should allow closed shows to perform or whether shows
I personally found the broadcast a disappointment, but the season was very strong and that did come across. Kudos to On Your
That dream to be on stage has been in place since Brightman was a child. When he was eight, he saw his first Broadway show