This year's Emmy nominations have taken a refreshing turn by acknowledging and validating multi-faceted female characters.
Britney Young, aka Carmen, talks wrestling, panic attacks and the lasting friendship of "GLOW."
Netflix's new show was based on an '80s camp hit that broke wrestling's glass ceiling.
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Four leaders of the emerging "Internet of Bio Things" market joined Buzzfeed News reporter Stephanie Lee on stage at Techonomy Bio 2015 for a discussion about how they aim to improve consumer access to health data.
We all know people like this couple; maybe not people who are tenderly in love for 60 years, but we know people that we are inexplicably drawn to. They are the ones who make us laugh, make us think, tell us the truth, pick us up, and hold our hand. They are the ones who "glow."
“Health is a big information problem waiting for data analytics and wearable sensors,” he said. “I wanted to start somewhere
In lantern sharks, prolactin triggers 30-minute-long bursts of light, which the sharks likely use for various means of communication
'Sometimes pain is just pain,' she said," which is something one of my characters says in Glow. My writing experience had come full circle. I am most grateful to the people of Rabun County who midwifed Glow into being.