The star of "Teen Wolf" and "The Batman" applauded the LGBTQ community's resilience as he was honored with the 2020 GLSEN Gamechanger Award.
The actor wants gender-neutral bathrooms and safe schools for all children.
"We are listening and watching as you take that oath today."
"We’re not just a club. We’re a family."
In 1986 Robbie Palmer was murdered in rural Indiana, his body dumped in a farm field drainage ditch, left there to rot, a carcass for the turtles and wildlife to eat. His murder took place long before anyone knew the name Matthew Shepard.
Gay gangbangers. Web twinks. Queer cold-blooded murderers. For this week's Monday Mouth-Off,'s Mike Ciriaco has collected 5 LGBT films from this year's Tribeca Film Festival you need to watch.
Being excluded from sports at a young age can have detrimental effects academically and mentally. Participation in team sports help LGBT youth's high school GPA and even help prevent depression and anxiety at a time they are especially susceptible.
The largest school district in the country now has an LGBT community liaison.