The case was fast-tracked for trial due to the severity of groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson's cancer.
Glyphosate has been touching the environment and public health in vast quantities for decades.
"The Plaintiffs have a pressing need for Mr. Rowland's testimony to confirm his relationship with Monsanto and EPA's substantial
The latest move, the formation of a group called "Campaign for Accuracy in Public Health Research", (CAPHR) clearly promotes
Plaintiffs' attorneys have asked to depose Rowland to learn about that situation and other dealings with Monsanto. But, along
The EPA did not invite either BfR or EFSA to travel to the United States to deliver the support for glyphosate safety, according
Absent from the USDA data was any information on glyphosate residues, even though glyphosate has long been the most widely
The nonprofit behind the report said that concerns about glyphosate comes as research shows that Roundup can cause liver
"As testing for glyphosate will expand to several locations, we are currently working to ensure that the methods are validated