The case was fast-tracked for trial due to the severity of groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson's cancer.
Glyphosate has been touching the environment and public health in vast quantities for decades.
Monsanto also made a new filing in the litigation on Friday, laying out its assertion that there is no evidence Roundup and
The new campaign takes the assault further. On the group's new twitter account, set up on Jan. 25, CAPHR has posted a string
But the handling of the CARC report raised questions when it was posted to a public EPA website on April 29, 2016 and kept
The agency held a four-day-long gathering of scientists aimed at the rather dry task of analyzing numerous research studies
"We don't know if you eat an apple that has multiple residues every day what will be the consequences 20 years down the road
A key reason glyphosate residues persist in so many food products has to do with its widespread use in food production. Glyphosate
Earlier this year, one of the agency's senior chemists also analyzed glyphosate residues in honey and oatmeal and reported
"EPA is evaluating the necessity of establishing tolerances for inadvertent residues of pesticides in honey," the agency
It seems more than a little hypocritical that those scientists are presented as credible by the industry, but scientists
2016 will be different. First, more voters will be coming to the polls because of the Presidential election. Second, they will be better educated because there is now a blacklist of the most heinous vote-against-the-public, vote-for-the-funders offenders.
What else don't these companies want us to know about our food? Are Senate Democrats, led by Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow
Mr. Cruz, would you spray Roundup on your food right before you were ready to eat it? Would you let your children eat corn or wheat that was doused with Roundup? How about a glass of water with a squirt of Roundup in it? I think the answer is pretty obvious.
The World Health Organization has declared the herbicide, widely used in farming, a probable carcinogen in humans.
There is a lot to worry about in all of this. Glyphosate may be harmful to human or environmental health, although it has replaced pesticides that were known to be far more toxic to farm workers and the environment, a fact which none of the stories mention.
Mike Burry, the hedge fund manager featured in the movie The Big Short, anticipated the housing crash by reading loan documents. Similarly, those in the food and agriculture arena predict a massive shift in farming practices by studying the inimical effects of the widely used weedkiller, RoundUp®.
The EPA informed me that the assessment of Glyphosate "will be delayed until 2016." In the unlikely scenario that they complete