This week, a useful tip on handling potato gnocchi that you’ve cooked and frozen. Some years ago, I got the idea that ravioli
What's the difference between marinara and pomodoro sauce? How about ricotta and mascarpone? Aren't ice cream and gelato the same thing? These are just a few of the questions we've asked ourselves when trying to decide what to eat off a trattoria menu. Avoid confusion and impress your dinner crew with this cheat sheet for ordering in Italian, and buon appetito!
Though spicy and savory, the broth was light and was a refreshing complement to the denser vegetables.
If you eat a lot of it, you'll need to lie down for an hour or two, but in modest portions it is not a challenging dish.
There's nothing like taking a bite of perfect, pillowy gnocchi. On the other hand, there's also the fear of tough, brick-like gnocchi that you've attempted to make at home with little success.
All you need is a plastic bag, a big pot of water and a string.
It's that moment when you're eyeballing a dish on the menu with a name you're not quite sure how to pronounce.
Pasta, on a day like this, is like a hot shower -- very few things make us feel this warm and content.
From Chinese pork buns to South African souskluitjies.
Plus: why they are the Mariah Carey of vegetables.
It's the best thing that could happen to pasta.
In this life, we get to eat far too few things that can be described as 'cloud-like.'
The satisfaction derived from making something so delicious out of a pile of flour and eggs is incredible, and the difference between that and store-bought 'fresh' pasta is night and day.
2011-09-27-Screenshot20110927at3.01.19PM.jpg While making the trip to Italy may not be presently in the cards, bringing Italy to you couldn't be easier.