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For products unrelated to sex, using sex to sell them rarely works. It can even backfire. In addition to the studies referenced
Finally an ad that shows the truth about breeding. Animal advocates are protesting this? They should have produced it.
Patrick also reminded women that it's important to meet with a doctor to find out if they are especially susceptible to breast
Too many companies use celebrities and sex without really thinking or understanding the effectiveness they will have in selling products.
Dissing nerds is as American as apple pie and NFL football. Sadly, I have a feeling that Walter is going to make a return at next year's Super Bowl. In the meantime, I won't be visiting the Go Daddy site anytime soon.
Bar Refaeli is stopping by "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" tonight (Wednesday, February 6) and the late night host is seizing
Not only did GoDaddy reportedly profit from the Super Bowl ad, but Heiman has also had a burst of success following his make
"There are two sides to GoDaddy," the NASCAR driver says. "There's the sexy side represented by Bar Refaeli. And the smart
While the company has backpedalled some of its more overt sexist advertising tendencies, it isn't giving up its old ways
(Reuters) - Go Daddy, one of the world's largest web hosting companies, appointed Yahoo Inc's former Chief Product Officer
For the first time, there are more women on the U.S. team than men. But before we pat ourselves on the back, take a look at a few instances of sexism skulking around the "you go, girl" edges.
The kicker: The brand may get rid of its ads' famed strategic nudity. Go Daddy became well-known for its frat-house style
What would a Super Bowl be without a racy GoDaddy.com commercial? This year the domain provider was back at it, featuring
For years, viewers have tuned into the NFL's Super Bowl as much to see what the advertisers roll out as how the two teams
During the first two days of the boycott, GoDaddy lost 37,000 domains as customers took a stand, according to The Domains
"We don't love DNS filtering and we think there are better ways to do it," Jones said. "It's not a clean or elegant solution