"You'd be shocked how many kids come to school, and you ask them if they have a coat, and they just don't," Callahan says
“It was amazing and really challenging,” he said. “It was an inner-city school, and our team of people was not used to working
In time, Burton found comfort in new friendships with fellow "heart moms" -- other women whose children suffered from CHD
Ian Dickerson always heard his father when he spoke about helping those in the world who can’t help themselves, but he didn’t
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During one such visit, she watched as middle school-age children entered and left a bathroom without washing their hands
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"The difference to me is giving to a person, to a collective of people, rather than when I was giving my energy to help large
Since starting Bridging Humanity, Cornely has traveled around the world, from West Africa to Nepal to Haiti, on humanitarian
"Sports are a really great educator," he said. "We're looking for [kids and teens] who just need a little bit of a push ... and