Stars Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and Josh Gad will walk the red carpet as a part of the LA premiere of 'Beauty And The Beast.'
You don't spend $4.83 billion on a company for nothing.
When it comes to sharing a cause she's passionate about, actress Lia Marie Johnson can't pick just one. The star of AwesomenessTV's "T@gged" opens up about having a positive body image and wishes for others to feel good in the skin they're in.
Linz buddies up to Anna in her office, but unexpected word from Juilliard catches both Anna and Miriam off guard.
Anna continues to grill Roger about his access to the office after hours. He insists his innocence and to help clear his
Bridget asks Anna to be the teacher advisor for the Female Endeavor Movement club that she plans to start. Anna confronts
When Chip doesn't show for their meeting, Anna tracks him down and catches him mid-fight with Miriam. In Anna's office, Chip
With the situation officially escalated, Principal Walsh puts even more pressure on Anna to better contain it if she wants
Linz, Miriam's cousin and social outsider, stops by Anna's office to express worry about her cousin with whom she isn't close