Sure, the beaches are beautiful, but there's so much more than that here.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that his views were aligned with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s on the unstable situation in Afghanistan and the Middle East.
Cinema is never demarcated as art or commercial anywhere in the world but always good or bad. But unfortunately, in India, it's different.
Abandoning vulnerable children you have legally committed to protect as your own, forever, to non-vetted strangers who often have proven to be abusive, is one of the worst forms of child cruelty. We need to put some teeth into preventing these atrocities the GOA confirms is still going on.
This wanderluster found herself in a more remote, but still moving place.
So what did I learn in India? I learned that Glass (or any innovative wearable technology company) has enormous potential here and India has a lot to offer Glass.
"Dance bars will not be allowed in Goa. There has been a lot of image-beating for the state due to the existence of drugs
Infused with delicious coconut milk and a blend of aromatic spices, this curry is simple yet comforting. It's exactly how I remember my grandmother's chicken curry tasted.
Herge himself may have known that Tintin's journey would inevitably devolve into trespass. The very thing that made Tintin
The NRA's political power is neither as monolithic nor as seamless as the organization would like its political opponents to believe.