This is crazy. I shouldn’t be doing this. There’s no way this is going to work. These were the thoughts flowing through my
So, what are your goals for this year? Most people tend to take the former route; the positive one that is, looking at the
Here's the gist: If used correctly, scapegoating can be a powerful tool for resisting temptation and sticking to hard goals
Who are you becoming? Or, perhaps a flash of wisdom. What matters to you now that you are 45, 59, 64 or 75? How is your story
(5) You spend too much time on social media, comparing yourself to everyone else, when you should be getting work done We
4. Equip your work-space- It's always best to draft out a work sheet that'll highlight all the changes you desire to make
Here are some aspects of your life you might like to think about: Health, Wellbeing, Career/Business, Family, Spiritual growth
So you want to take the risk of shaking up your life, or even just resurrecting "the old stuff" with a unique and fresh perspective