People of faith around the world are turning to prayer during the Covid-19 pandemic. But why exactly do we pray? It turns out, prayer isn’t just about religion. And while the ways people pray vary widely, the basic human need to reach out to something outside of ourselves is universal.
Graham said when he goes to "meet God at the Pearly Gates," his impeachment trial decision probably won't come up.
The secretary of energy used "imperfect" Old Testament kings to make his point.
More and more, figures in the White House are bringing God into state business.
President Donald Trump goes to extreme lengths to preach his religious credentials.
Justin Welby said God defies human conceptions of gender.
Another supporter at the Values Voter Summit said God works through Trump even if the Almighty doesn't "approve" of him.
The "Westworld" actress won for best supporting drama actress -- then won over some believers with the line of the night.
But only 10 percent say they don't believe in any spiritual force.