President Donald Trump goes to extreme lengths to preach his religious credentials.
Justin Welby said God defies human conceptions of gender.
Another supporter at the Values Voter Summit said God works through Trump even if the Almighty doesn't "approve" of him.
The "Westworld" actress won for best supporting drama actress -- then won over some believers with the line of the night.
But only 10 percent say they don't believe in any spiritual force.
Recent events have put the death penalty and wrongful conviction on center stage in America. Last month, a California man
An offensive outburst gone viral is only the latest reason Daryl Metcalfe is unfit for a leadership position.
In Babylon on the Potomac recently, the brand new, $500 million Museum of the Bible had its grand opening. Donald Trump did
More often than not, what Christians think of as “patriotism” is what God defines as being “idolatry.” Jesus once said “render
I personally know of dozens of women who stayed in relationships because of this kind of gross manipulation.