God Bless America

The folk tune is popular around campfires and in grade schools, but it also called to mind the nation's long history of land disputes involving tribes.
The "Late Show" host sings about how the president sees Baltimore to the tune of "God Bless America."
Kate Smith, who shot to fame during World War II, had a repertoire that included songs containing harmful caricatures of African Americans.
The president also appeared to stumble over the words to "God Bless America."
Curtis Armstrong is an actor who has built a reputation around playing the role of Booger in the movies Revenge of the Nerds
Last night I said brief nightly prayers. And I didn't ask God to look over us. It's my opinion that God simply did not bless
So the sports moguls are getting paid for patriotic events at ballparks like the singing of "God Bless America," surprise homecomings and "Hometown Heroes" ceremonies? This tells us more about American fakery than we want to know.
May it please the Court: I represent the owner of the protected and trademarked name "G-O-D," also known as Yahweh, Allah, Jesus, Brahma, the Great Spirit, etc.
As the intense battle raged on, one of the men can be heard giggling uncontrollably. Though it's hard to see from the initial