When I picture Hanuman it is often in depictions of his physical prowess and accomplishment, in flight usually, with the
Whether your mother is alive or has passed, or whether you have or had a positive or challenging relationship with her, I believe it's important to honor the woman who gave you life-- the woman you were connected to through an umbilical cord.
Connecting with the goddesses who call to you -- in the form of jewelry or art, words and music, or simply your thoughts -- can sweeten and enhance your days with bright threads of unity, wonder, and female power.
That research is stunningly thorough. I have in my hands the posthumously released revised edition of her Encyclopedia of
Goddess is considered a term of endearment, meant to celebrate the woman. This made my negative twinges seem both unfair and bitchy.
This May Day, let us pay tribute to the Earth Mother and Her daughter goddesses of green growth by planting May trees and flowers and then dancing around them to celebrate the lovely, lusty miracle of life.
In a few weeks, I will give birth to an eight year-old -- or that is what self-publishing my first book feels like. The path to publishing Goddess on Earth carried me on a great adventure.
As with any new trend, all the information must be sorted out before we make snap judgments about its merits. At its core
We don't have earthly gods and goddesses to look up to anymore, but we do have the next best thing -- celebrities -- seekers of fame and fortune, whose lives are thrown into the awareness of almost every living creature in the modern world.
The truly transcendent nature of Charon's Pantheon takes us into a profound realm of the otherworld, making us question the nature and source of art, creativity and the divine.
Sarah Palin has the ability to evoke many goddesses simultaneously which may account for her appeal. Yet there is something false about how she conjures up each feminine archetype as if playing dress up.
What we have come to describe as "feminine" values are actually attributes that belong to women and men; they are a valued part of society when the feminine is not subjugated.
I arrived in India three days ago to find an India that felt tough, unclean and unnerving. I have been here two times before, but this time it felt dirtier, noisier and more crowded.
Whether I am talking to a CEO, an accomplished writer, a stay-at-home mom, or a woman juggling a variety of different roles, many women report a lack of their own self-worth.
Women are no longer pitted against one another as backstabbers and catfighters, but instead, claiming their power as business owners and helping one another grow and expand.