god's love we deliver

- Washington, D.C.: (202) 399-7093 or 311. You can also email uposh@upo.org. - Chicago, IL: 311 If there's a number I'm forgetting
Church of the Intercession - 550 West 155th Street, Manhattan More information can be found here. God's Love We Deliver - 166
"Chuck has taught us all that having a homemade dessert at the end of the meal helps our clients living with illness feel a sense of normalcy..."
"I was inspired by the kindness I'd received, and used it as an opportunity to give back in the same way."
After 30 years, God's Love We Deliver tells its story.
Back in NYC, I got a lot of assistance from my community of friends. Being a gay man, I was very fortunate to have support
With an empty kitchen and nowhere to turn, Dahlia said she called nonprofit God's Love We Deliver out of desperation. Now
Details about Joan Rivers’ will were released this week. Court documents show the comedian was worth $150 million and she named her daughter Melissa and two other people the executors of the estate.
God's Love We Deliver provides about 4,500 meals daily to its community. Roughly 90 percent of those served live below the
"I hold God’s Love We Deliver, and its important mission, so close to my heart,” said Patrick in a statement to The Huffington