And other questions answered by "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" director Michael Dougherty.
Millie Bobby Brown of "Stranger Things" encounters new horrors in upcoming titan-take-all.
Zach Lieberman says "Godzilla's smaller cousin" is wreaking havoc at his house.
Because of course they needed a new one.
The 1954 version of the monster costume outweighed the actor because of wartime shortages.
Watch a battle between two of nature's most ferocious apex predators.
So: does Godzilla have a penis? So maybe Godzilla isnt looking for a sexual relationship, but what about something more meaningful
And I'm not talking about Avenue Q or Hand to God or the various Muppet movies or anything else in which the idea of the puppet is as much a part of the joke as anything else.
They weren't in movies. They were inspired by movies. Perhaps by a specific film. Perhaps by a star. Or perhaps simply by the entire magical filmic experience. It's a broad definition. Here are fifteen really good songs, covering fifty years of pop music.
Why did no one see your short film? Why didn't it get into those festivals? Why wasn't your feature film bought and distributed? Why couldn't you sell your script?