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Hit rewind and watch HuffPost Live conversations with former Scientology members about what drew them to the religion, what goes on behind the scenes and what ultimately made them leave the church.
"This only proves he can dish it out, but can’t take it."
Pressure from church members was said to be the cause of the switch.
Instead of an assessment (which implies judgment) and advice (which implies expertise), what someone who's mentally distressed, in any context, needs first, mentally and emotionally, is some acknowledgment and support.
Follow Huffington Post's board LOL onPinterest. In this parody of "Going Clear," comedy group Nacho Punch highlights an institution
Recently, when my relationship ended (and not before, as it may appear) I embarked on an expedition, of sorts, to discover what a tailor fitted romance might look like on me. Deconstructing a traditional relationship by eliminating rules felt like a good place to start. I've never had established rules of conduct with any of my friends or family, just trust that we would behave and interact respectfully, which should be a prerequisite for any relationship.
"Mostly because it's not understood," he responded. "People really need to take time and read a book. You know? That's my
The Scientology-Approved Version Of 'Going Clear' from Funny Or Die HBO's new documentary on Scientology, "Going Clear," offers
Wright and Gibney criticized Cruise and Travolta's silence regarding claims of abuse. Both Travolta and Cruise are discussed
Alex Gibney's Scientology documentary "Going Clear" premiered on HBO last week, unveiling a slew of shocking allegations
But the premiere was a night for celebration, and not only for Sinatra. Turns out, director Alex Gibney, with his recently aired Going Clear, his film about the Church of Scientology, broke records for HBO. So after the 2-hour first half of Sinatra, a happy crowd filed into Porterhouse for Italian themed specialties of burrata caprese, filet mignon, spumoni and cannoli in abundance.
It's this kind of abuse, not a "South Park"-style swipe at the religion's more far-out beliefs, that's the film's focus. "It's
While the Church of Scientology forcefully denied the claims made in the HBO-aired documentary "Going Clear," comedian Livia
9. The Church investigated the IRS One of the Church's goals was to be recognized by the IRS as a fully tax-exempt religion