going gray

It was never about the hair itself, but rather, it was about being accepted and valued.
Giving up my copper-red locks wasn't easy, but it was time (or was it?).
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There are so many women today running to the hair salon to put blonde in their hair when it doesn't bring out their best. Perhaps you may be one of them.
At heart, I am basically lazy and the thought of spending hours getting my hair dyed, not to mention the expense, seems like more effort than I can summon. This doesn't mean that I don't care about my appearance because I do.
1. Get a new haircut. 3. Intensify shine and lock in moisture with the right haircare products. Whether you're barely 30
My hair is gray. I know this. My husband knows this. Carmine, who colors my hair brown every few weeks, knows this. Anyone who looks closely at my roots a week or two after Carmine does her magic knows this. It is an open topic among my friends -- how almost all of us color our hair.
Though gray hair is often viewed as a mark of distinction and experience, these silver foxes didn't get their big breaks
Every few years, I get a sign that maybe -- just maybe -- it's time to stop coloring my hair. As I wrote 3.5 years ago, I'm a die-hard dyer and have been coloring my hair now for more than 40 years.
Last weekend I went on a date with someone new. As I was getting ready, I stared in the bathroom mirror while brushing my teeth, and sighed when I noticed my roots: a quarter-inch of silvery-gray seemed to have sprung up overnight and now bordered my dark brown tresses.
'I could never let my hair go gray,' a friend said to me. 'I mean, yours looks OK, but my mother would just die if I let my hair go like that.'
Believe it or not, Mother Nature knows exactly what she's doing. So if you've struggled with DIY hair dye and ended up with
Steps to a Color-Free Future If you’ve been coloring your hair regularly but feel ready to take the gray plunge, realize
I recently had a birthday. No, it wasn't the big one. But, I'm getting so close I can almost feel its hot breath whispering in my ear. I am holding onto my 40s by a thread.
My haircut is OK, but tonight, I tied it back with some hair clips and saw the layers of brown and gray and lighter brown and highlights and once again, wondered how I will look when I fully inhabit my natural self and let my hair go gray.
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Full Segment: In 3400 BC, Egyptian women began using henna to cover up gray hair. Today, hair dye is a multi-billion dollar business. But some women are bucking the tradition and embracing their gray locks. Do silver-haired ladies have more fun?
Apparently my gray hair is the tipping point. In truth, I think it's because going gray is synonymous with looking old, and our culture prizes and promotes us doing exactly the opposite.
I believe Hair Matters. A lot. No matter what our ethnicity, who we are, what we do, it defines us.