going gray

It was never about the hair itself, but rather, it was about being accepted and valued.
Giving up my copper-red locks wasn't easy, but it was time (or was it?).
Stay tuned for my next going gray update... Additional Links: In the video above, Katie Fontana of Studio Fontana in downtown
There are so many women today running to the hair salon to put blonde in their hair when it doesn't bring out their best. Perhaps you may be one of them.
At heart, I am basically lazy and the thought of spending hours getting my hair dyed, not to mention the expense, seems like more effort than I can summon. This doesn't mean that I don't care about my appearance because I do.
4. Switch up your makeup. Instead of reaching for the tweezers to pluck your gray hair, Vaccaro suggests liberating yourself
My hair is gray. I know this. My husband knows this. Carmine, who colors my hair brown every few weeks, knows this. Anyone who looks closely at my roots a week or two after Carmine does her magic knows this. It is an open topic among my friends -- how almost all of us color our hair.
Though gray hair is often viewed as a mark of distinction and experience, these silver foxes didn't get their big breaks
Every few years, I get a sign that maybe -- just maybe -- it's time to stop coloring my hair. As I wrote 3.5 years ago, I'm a die-hard dyer and have been coloring my hair now for more than 40 years.
Last weekend I went on a date with someone new. As I was getting ready, I stared in the bathroom mirror while brushing my teeth, and sighed when I noticed my roots: a quarter-inch of silvery-gray seemed to have sprung up overnight and now bordered my dark brown tresses.