going green

Ietef Vita is a hip-hop yogi and youth advocate working to turn a Denver food desert into a health food paradise.
In 2013, and again in 2016, the main motivator for small businesses to go greener was concern for the environment. The second
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I discovered how to have drinking water whenever I want it and I never run out. I don't have to worry about lugging heavy jugs and bottles back from the supermarket and I am saving money and helping the environment.
Saving energy -- and money -- doesn't have to mean sacrificing the length or enjoyment of your showers. Low-flow showerheads save almost 2 gallons of water per minute, meaning a family of four can save about $90 per year on water and gas or $140 per year on electric.
“This was the perfect model of climate activism,” faculty task force member and marine biologist Joe Mobley said in a press
Song and Smith are making an effort to take the glitz and glam out of the music industry and bring performance back to its roots.
As we celebrate Earth Day this month, I wanted to share some tips for how even the smallest of companies can make some eco-friendly changes that will not only benefit the planet, but will benefit your bottom line.
Adopting an environmentally responsible lifestyle might be easier than you think. Check out ten simple tips from five experts on how to make a home greener, from zero-VOC paint to low-maintenance herb gardens.
Every day in Africa, more than 1,500 children die of malaria -- but that might not be the case for long. A pharmaceutical
How was my weekend? Loaded question, but thanks for asking. I actually had a very relaxing weekend. Obviously I needed it. Why obviously? Oh, had you not heard? I bike to work now. Like, every day. Twice a day if you're being specific.