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Do you suspect that you or someone you know might be a Twainiac? It's a condition that appears to be growing. As a self-identified Twainiac, I believe I can alert you to a few signs that will confirm or refute your suspicions.
The find included gold coins and jewels that had gone down with a fleet of Spanish ships 300 years ago.
April 17 (Reuters) - The U.S. government must return 10 exceptionally rare gold coins worth millions of dollars each to a
Divers were swimming off the country’s Mediterranean coast when they found nearly 2,000 coins that date back to the eleventh century.
Over the course of 5 hours between October 24 and 25, I wrote down every commercial that aired on FOX News during shows hosted by Brett Baier, Gretchen Carlson, Shep Smith, Bill Hemmer and Greta Van Susteren because I wanted to know what was being advertised. Here's what I found.
When I wasn't screaming at the TV, or trying to sandblast off the disgust I was feeling, I wrote down what was being sold during each of the 150 commercials that ran in total during those programs.
One month later, the company unearthed a solid gold bird statue from 1715 that has since been appraised at $885,000. But
Wall Street's rally has tarnished gold's allure, but that could all change over summer, when politicians go to war over the debt ceiling, particularly if Fitch makes good on their downgrade warning.
According to the Royal Mint, guineas were minted following the English Civil War until 1813, when Britain adopted the gold
In his letter to the state, O'Neil said that he believes that accepting gold and silver coins for his salary would allow