gold rush

Cal State Long Beach is cutting ties with a symbol of the Gold Rush that was a nightmare for Native Americans.
Dün means people, and Kwanlin 'water running through canyon,' an ideal salmon fishing spot. But the construction of a hydroelectric
It transpires that the girl has already paddled by canoe from Teslin, upriver from Whitehorse, to Carmacks, half way to Dawson
The faux Gertie lady, I think she's called Sadie, Tells all to shout out loud 'Yee-Ha;' By George, what a goofer, and yet
Views over Dawson City And Santa's reindeers must be female because males shed their horns by November, hence they would
Near Beringia Nome - Front Street and Bering Sea After its gold rush days, Nome won everlasting fame as the destination of
Close-up Flowers brighten up Front Street A few blocks down is the Board of Trade saloon, once reportedly listed by Playboy
In Damien Tremblay's book Yukon Dreams, the attractive aesthetics of remote areas in the Yukon are illustrated and displayed in their full glory, drawing people's attentions to these regions.
It's premature to depart from John Muir before we have more fully visited with him. We take it for granted that he saved places like Yosemite just because they were beautiful. There's more to it.
Evening falls and the sound of the sieves in the rolling hills trails off. The three men collect their belongings. They've finished the first day in their arduous search for gold.
In 1897, over 100,000 would-be-miners and dreamers traveled from all over the world and stampeded into Alaska on their way to the Klondike Valley to find their riches during the Klondike Gold Rush. Many of those prospectors came through Skagway, Alaska.
Since the war of conquest when California was annexed into the United States and the village or pueblo of Los Angeles began its transformation into a city, it began its developmental process through an extreme scattered detachment of people.
It may not be at the magnitude of 1849’s Gold Rush, which enticed hundreds of thousands of people to the western state in
The gold rush in North America spanned from Montana to California and drove tens of thousands of Americans to drop everything
The gold rush in North America spanned from Montana to California and drove tens of thousands of Americans to drop everything
A '20s renaissance developed around Jake and his bookstore next to the downtown library and in his Echo Park digs. Later after the war Anais Nin, and presumably Henry Miller and Bukowski, hung around in the very same hills of Echo Park.
Unquestionably Jazz is America's greatest musical form. It is our classical music. Like the Russians, we have excelled in producing great writers and great musicians.
Humpbacks sizes of buses frolic close by. The two-year-old spots a mother and baby orca jumping together, splashing silver from their black and white uniforms. Beautiful. Then, an adult orca comes straight for the boat.