gold star families

U.S. troops were “attacked by a Taliban-led terrorist insurgency that Defendants helped finance" by paying protection money, the suit charges.
An error in the GOP tax law has brought new attention to an old problem for military families.
Karen Meredith’s son Ken was killed in Iraq in 2003. She told us what it was like getting a letter of condolence from President George W. Bush and gave her reaction to President Trump’s comments following the deaths of four green berets in Niger.
Donald Trump is under renewed criticism for his response to the deaths of four green berets, killed by ISIS in Niger. He’s now alleged to have told one of their grieving widows it was “what he signed up for”.
"When you don’t even acknowledge the sacrifice or the death, then it’s like you don’t even care."
Donald Trump has falsely claimed that President Obama & his other predecessors did not call the families of American troops killed in combat.
The real question is, how will you react when he fails to deliver on his promises?
When an adviser warned him he had insulted a Gold Star family, Trump reportedly said "what's that?"