Golda Meir

Yesterday, Mother Jones published the photo above of twenty-four politicians and Mr. Trump discussing the future of health
HRC: Israel faces brutal terrorist stabbings, shootings and vehicle attacks at home. Parents worry about letting their children
The gender card keeps getting dealt Is It Too Late For Madeleine And Gloria To Register For The Draft? Too bad that as Bill
Under Bill Clinton and again under George W. Bush, some Republicans on the House Banking Committee objected, in writing. But
I am ashamed. And I am not alone. The vast majority of Israeli society stood shoulder to shoulder this past weekend, wholeheartedly condemning the barbaric violence, from right to left, from political leadership to the common people.
'I came to Energizer fourteen years ago because of the brands. Energizer Household Products has two strong, global brands -- Energizer and Eveready -- which I am more enthusiastic about today than ever.'
What title could Hillary Clinton add to her resume that would make her even more appealing to voters than those she already has on her resume? That question was answered recently when Chelsea announced that she and husband Marc Mezvinsky were expecting. In the eyes of much of the world, grandmothers can do no wrong.
In case you don't know women's history, the idea of dressing women and girls in such a way as to frustrate a rapist is as old as, well, castles, damsels-in-distress, rogue knights and Vikings.
It's time to start thinking seriously about how a woman will manage the world's most powerful office. It's going to be a fascinating addition to the ongoing debate over the differences between male and female leadership styles -- including whether those differences even exist.