golden buzzer

Her deferred dream got new life on NBC's talent competition.
Spoiler alert: She deservedly got the Golden Buzzer from model Heidi Klum.
The singer, who also goes by Nightbirde, got the Golden Buzzer amid a grim prognosis.
"The Office" star and guest judge loved the "spectacle" and so did the other judges.
Ben Trigger took matters into his own hands in a lively routine.
Host Terry Crews did the honors after he said he saw himself in the dazzling hopefuls.
Tyler Butler-Figueroa fought back against cancer and his bullies in a stunning performance of "Stronger."
Simon Cowell messed with her at first, but the former "AGT" finalist got a happy ending.
The former runner-up slays "Fight Song" to vault into the finals.
She performed for Simon Cowell for the first time in a decade and aced "Wild Horses."