golden retrievers

Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter This pup just wants everyone to give peace a chance. While it doesn't seem that
"While we all intently anticipate the day when Fritz masters the skill of catching food in his mouth, we also patiently embrace
The Huffington Post: What makes a golden retriever a golden retriever? Is it looks, or genetics, or...? There are two causes
Last December, 15-year-old Sean Kilgore of Alexandria, Indiana, noticed his German shepherd Gunner's extremely loud barking
Close your eyes and picture the smiling, fluffy bundle of mirth that is a golden retriever. Now picture 400 golden retrievers galloping across grassy fields to a long dock jutting into quiet lake and each dog launching him or herself into the water with gusto.
Champ, the 11-year-old golden retriever who stole our hearts last year, is back with some new friends. Owner Candice Sedighan
They love balls more than your average pooch. So many balls! They're also so great that movies have modeled some of your
Check out the adorableness above and see more puppies in the slideshow below: Live streaming video by Ustream "Our dogs are