golden state warriors

The TNT commentator milked laughs out of his awkward postgame interview with the Brooklyn Nets star.
The ex-New York Knick was brutally humbled by the controversial YouTuber in a boxing match.
The decision is in line with San Francisco's impending ban on events with more than 1,000 people present.
The Golden State Warriors executive, who made history when he came out in 2011, wed Todd Gage in a Jan. 11 ceremony at San Francisco City Hall.
“When the love surpasses life’s hurdles there is NOTHING you can’t overcome," the restaurateur wrote in a post about her NBA star husband.
"I love how I’m always checking and rechecking I didn’t get duped by a parody account," one person fired back on Twitter.
He also has some advice for the eventual 2020 Democratic nominee.
NBA followers reacted to the jaw-dropping news on Twitter.
"For him to be a trailblazer in terms of doing something that has never been done is good for this country,” the Golden State Warriors player said.
They missed crucial parts of the NBA Finals because of the late night comedian.