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He also has some advice for the eventual 2020 Democratic nominee.
NBA followers reacted to the jaw-dropping news on Twitter.
"For him to be a trailblazer in terms of doing something that has never been done is good for this country,” the Golden State Warriors player said.
They missed crucial parts of the NBA Finals because of the late night comedian.
A sheriff’s spokesman also said Masai Ujiri tried to reach the court without “credentials,” despite video showing otherwise.
The rapper partied and philosophized while perhaps breaking his so-called curse.
Golden State goes down in its last championship battle at its home arena in Oakland, California.
"I'm hurting deeply, but I'm OK," the star forward said of his devastating Game 5 injury.
The star forward, who had been out for a month with a calf strain, returned to play in the NBA Finals Game 5 and apparently hurt his Achilles.
"My only concern tonight is your well being," the Toronto rapper wrote on Instagram.
The "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" prank caused a bit of a commotion on the street in Toronto.
Toronto players defend hobbling Golden State star as fans jeer his injury in Game 5.
The Golden State Warriors won 106-105 against the Toronto Raptors on Monday night.
“There’s absolutely no place in our BEAUTIFUL game for that AT ALL,” the NBA star and philanthropist wrote on Instagram.
Mark Stevens' "behavior last night did not reflect the high standards that we hope to exemplify as an organization," the Bay Area team said.
James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett rocked before the home team Warriors rolled over.
The trash-talking game within the game continued as the Raptors took a 2 games to 1 lead.
Jimmy Kimmel asked Raptors fans to do their worst -- but it didn't go to plan.
The team's official Twitter account shared an image of players "arriving for battle" by crossing the wrong bridge.
Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant got sweet revenge on the trash-talking, Raptors-loving rapper, who'd trolled the visitors in the previous game.