gone baby gone

Netflix debuts its disaster movie of the month.
Our sense is that True Detective will be as much about understanding what happened between Hart and Cohle as solving a murder. Because of the interviews, we know something about how things turn out. But that only makes it harder to work out.
After all of the critical acclaim Ben Affleck has received in recent years -- culminating with Argo, a movie that he both directed and starred, winning best picture earlier this year -- why in the world would he want to play Batman? I have a better grasp on this after watching Affleck in Runner, Runner, of all things.
Dennis joined me to discuss a myriad of current projects, his novels as films, the state of the publishing industry, the state of his hometown after the Boston Marathon bombings, as well as this season's Yankees/Red Sox rivalry.
A: Yes. A: Let's just say it has something to do with how easy it is to teach someone how to direct a movie -- a self-deprecating
Listen to our long conversation over dinner the other night: Dennis Lehane is a writer who keeps expanding into new themes
Amy Ryan is a star but not a celebrity -- an artist with such a startling intelligence and mercurial range that the match-up with the brooding and powerful Gabriel Byrne seems logical and effortless.
Gripping and moving at the same time, The Town is a solid heist movie whose fleshed-out characters give the story the weight it requires to be more than just a caper film.
Dennis Lehane gets ideas for novels all the time. But here's the key question: Once you've had the idea, can you sustain it?