gone girl

She also made many notable TV appearances in “Nashville,” “The Orville,” “Masters Of Sex” and “Royal Pains.”
Banes, 65, was struck by either a scooter or a motorcycle in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
To Alice Bolin, pop culture's anti-heroes reveal the unsayable: “It is scarier for a man to be accused than to be killed.”
Watching a film, binge watching on a tv series, reading a book. We love a great plot line, but it’s the characters we invest
Crazy like: The lovesick and the just-plain-sick. Read the review here American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis Patrick Bateman
Literary fiction might be more empathy-generating than genre books.
2--Beat By Beat Is Packed With 700 Useful Visual Examples We screenwriters are visual people, so I loaded the book with over
I'm not really a film critic. When it comes to book to movie adaptations, though, I suddenly become the one person everyone wants (or doesn't want) to go to the theater with. That's because I will laugh, I will cry, and I will critique.