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Louise strolls into Jonathan's apartment, awkward and exhausted. She's still wearing her white lab coat from work. In fact, she almost never takes it off. It's her good luck charm, her safety blanket that gets her through days of sexually stimulating rats for research.
It's hard to tell if Gillian Flynn, who wrote the book and now the screenplay, is trafficking in stereotypes or trying to subvert them. We've said it before and we'll say it again: Contrary to what popular culture and men's rights activists would have you believe, women do not routinely run around making up rape claims.
"All these women could not have been men," Pike said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. "And I think that is quite
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Anyone who has read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, knows the twist is pretty epic. Reactions vary, of course, but it's safe
Nick consults his defense attorney Tanner Bolt (Tyler Perry). 10. The movie cuts the last tripwire of Amy writing in her
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With adaptations of novels as layered as this one, structure is often the first thing that suffers. Instead of establishing
Affleck noted that the cat was a tough customer during the five days it was on set ("half-dead" is how he described the animal
Can't wait to see "Gone Girl"? Instead of rereading Gillian Flynn's best-selling book again, you can now preview the soundtrack