good cops

Shoppers at a Walmart outside Rochester, New York were greeted with an usual offer on July 16, 2016: the invitation to hug a cop.
"We just want to better the relationship between the community and the police."
"I just saw the kids, they needed some help, I helped the kids."
As a thank you, the Lamar County Sheriff's Department opted to turn Carson's birthday celebration into a surprise party, arriving
Recent events in Baltimore, Ferguson, New York or wherever an unarmed black man has died in police custody remind me of something I learned long ago when I was on the police beat: There is nobody better than a good cop. There is nobody worse than a bad cop.
Crawford told WHAS Jaxon very much enjoyed the interaction, and she has the photos to prove it. In one of the pictures, the
Roby, an officer with the London Police Department in Kentucky, responded to a routine call for shoplifting on Saturday, Jan
If bad cops are those who abuse their power, what does it take to be a good cop? Some of those same peaceful demonstrators
HOT's mission is to curb complaints associated with homeless people by finding them stable shelter -- "Seems pretty simple
The big-hearted cops plan on taking on some of Santa's duties, and will return to the household before Christmas bearing
Arnold's wheelchair ceased working just as he was crossing the street, leaving him stuck in what ABC-7 describes as "torrential
But he wasn't in trouble. Turns out the cop just wanted to play some one-on-one. Police in San Antonio are searching for
A resident filmed the officer taking time out of his day to play football with some neighborhood kids, FOX 29 reported. Gloucester
When State Trooper James Hearne pulled over to help a 13-year-old boy, last October, his dashboard camera recorded a lifesaving
"He was selling dope," Pierce, now 32, recalled of the arrest. "We got into a fight and afterwards, I did what I always do
(Scroll down to watch Elliott describe the incident.) Elliott is a Polish immigrant and a 4-year veteran of the police force