G.O.O.D friday

Maybe he can walk on water, but he can't walk on air.
To take liberties and forget others' approval. To indulge all those who don't know this. Simply, to put things into perspective. Many annoyances lose their weight in front of the fact that our stay on earth has an expiry date.
Christians around the world set aside this Friday to remember the crucifixion of Jesus.
"The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision" is not pornography and shows no more nudity or violence than a standard Stations of the Cross. Sometimes Facebook blocked its ads for being too "shocking" or "scary," and other times they banned the ad as porn. Queer Christianity seems to scare the censors at Facebook
The film has a rather strange premise -- two popular superheroes, both good guys, doing battle with one another. And yet, it fits our presidential primary season very well, with candidates attacking each other with a virulence that is usually reserved for enemies of the United States.