good guys

The #MeToo movement isn’t just for survivors. The movement progresses when everyday men join the conversation.
So let's make the shift... bad boys/guys aren't what they're cracked up to be. In fact, as you grow and mature, they tend to become more and more unattractive. BUT, most women can admit at some point in their life, they fell head over heels for the "bad boy."
Openly gay pop singer Mika dropped the latest single from his upcoming album this week. Mika elaborated on the overarching
For years, I bought into the idea that a relationship needed some type of drama to be legitimized. As I'm settling down, I'm realizing how truly wrong and exhausting that mentality was.
Prince Harry once again showed the size of his heart when he met up with children in Lesotho,an AIDS ridden country where one in three kids are orphans.
When a family in Utah was told this Christmas would be their daughter’s last, they decided to make the most of it.
An 88-year-old Louisiana widower has a unique way of memorializing his late wife: He eats breakfast with her picture every day.
A Nebraska couple who adopted two brothers more than doubled the size of their family by adopting the rest of the boys’ six siblings.
President Obama is in a tough spot on the whether or not to push for a no-fly zone over Libya. He is weighing the costs and benefits of the situation, and his reluctance to get involved may turn out, in the long run, to be the correct decision.
That sound you hear coming from Washington is the sound of every lawyer and lobbyist strapping on his or her battle gear and heading for the war zone.