good hair

Bantu knots may be "trendy" right now, but what you're doing is disrespectful.
Furthermore why is it that her principal, a figure in which she should look up to is allowed to perpetuate the rhetoric that
The journey has been enlightening. Going natural put me more in touch with my roots, not just my hair follicles but the culture and history of black hair and how black women were socialized to be ashamed of our natural hair.
I'm not sure why I allow this to bother me so much. It is not my problem they feel this way, nor can I do anything to change it.
I have done the math, and from the time I was 18 until early 2013, I have spent $25,000 getting my hair weaved, braided or extended and just over one and a half years sitting in a chair having it done.
The natural hair movement shows no signs of slowing, with several beauty companies launching lines specifically for curly
So, I may have embarked on five weeks of my lifetime hygiene low, but hey, sometimes it takes getting filthy to get good
Our hair never fails to spark conversation, comedy and sometimes controversy. "In Our Heads About Our Hair is a doc that
Lately, I've become overly aware of little black girls between the ages of six to eleven years old. Mostly they seem shocked that someone has even acknowledged them, much less dared to call them beautiful!
Really? "Good hair?" What exactly does he mean? Though Mustafa cleared up why he made the "self-deprecating" comment about