good jobs nation

According to the Labor Department, low-wage workers who serve food were getting stiffed right under senators' noses.
The crowdfunding campaign is part of the Good Jobs Nation movement, which has been organizing federal contract workers and
The US government is America's leading low-wage employer. With a stroke of the pen, the president can have a dramatic effect on the lives of millions of workers, leveraging not only the $1 trillion in spending on federal contracts, but setting an example that will accelerate similar action at the state and local level.
Sometimes in America, when low-paid workers stand up and speak out, even the President of the United States takes notice. This is one of those moments.
The complaint alleges that a manager illegally "interrogated workers with the aid of Pentagon security officials, threatened
Generally speaking, it's rare that someone would gain certification for a U visa in a case of alleged wage theft. Immigration
Several conservative Republican members of the House of Representatives had arrived at the memorial to help veterans get
Three years ago, Antonio Vanegas took a job at a pita shop inside the food court at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in D.C.
Vanegas said he lost his job after the detainment. He's currently unemployed and living in the Maryland suburbs in a shared
Tyrika Meade started working at the sunglass stand in Union Station six weeks ago. She said she earns $8.25 an hour on an irregular schedule.