good mood

We have so many tools available to us when we get present for even a few minutes that can make our life feel much more in flow. When in flow we feel happy, joyful and that energy attracts more and more wonderful people and situations to our lives.
Finding happiness is as easy as changing your perspective.
Like the monsters who lived under many of our beds when we were kids (mine was an alligator!), when we turn on the light, the monster magically disappears. I know this, but gosh! It's hard to do when you're scared. To "turn on the light" on a ferocious, scary problem, there are five steps brave grown-ups can take.
The small study, published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, began by showing participants
Listen to swaying music in the morning when you are preparing coffee, get amused with it when you commute, or dance to it during afternoons with your children. You will be surprised at how the right rhythms can uplift the level of your energy.
4. Secret Keepers Remember Francine, whose husband blew up over ordinary behavior? She later learned that he was having not
The moment you walk in the door, whether it's to your house or office, sets the tone for everything. If you want your interactions to be positive, be proactive about bringing that energy into the room.