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Piers Morgan Walks Out Of Good Morning Britain Over Continuing Meghan Markle Discussion
Piers Morgan Storms Out Of GMB Over Meghan Markle
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"Jokes are not things that necessarily are built to last,” the actor said on "Good Morning Britain."
"I am a strong person, but I am not made of steel," the "Good Morning Britain" host said weeks after he engaged in an on-air debate with Piers Morgan.
"I didn't want him to quit, but I did want him to listen," he said days after he called out Morgan's treatment of Meghan Markle, prompting him to storm off the set.
"He is, without doubt, an outspoken, challenging, opinionated, disruptive broadcaster," the presenter said. "He has many critics and he has many fans."
The Duchess of Sussex is said to have been concerned about how the former GMB host's comments would affect others struggling.
"The extreme left and the extreme right completely illegitimize the other side," the actor said on "Good Morning Britain."